Thursday, May 16, 2013

FitMom? Yes!

As you know from my previous post, i was dragged into this healthy circle because of my husband. Yes originally he was the one that i called fitness junkie. He needs to hit the gym every single day. I called him a loser. My bad. I didnt know that it was actually an addiction. In a good way of cos :)

So.. After giving birth, i told myself, ' self, you can do this. You just need to focus!'. Post pregnancy was the start of my journey. I started of with running on the treadmill( my mil owns a treadmill at home so need not need to go out for gym, and i can still look after my baby). Be aware, i did this all at home. So, theres no excuse that u need a gym pass in order to get fit and healthy.

I incorporated weights into my workouts. Yes, ladies, weights! You wont lose weight or burn fat just by doing cardio. You need to lift to burn those fats. I have tried many workout and lifting burns more calories at rest, which is important. 

My workout previously consists of cardio, jillian's yoga meltdown and some of her other workouts. This are done on alternate day basis. I'll have my weightlifting day in between. You can start with light weight first not necessarily heavy ones. Saturday and Sunday is usually my rest day.

However, this has changed over a period of time, yeah your body stop burning fat when u do mundane exersices. You need to switch and spice things up. 

To date: i am doing kettle bell workout, tabata training workout and high intensity interval workout (hiit). And also my dumbbell workout.   

HIIT burns more calories than normal cardio at 1/2 the time u spend on normal cardio exersices. Tabata training is also a kind of HIIT, exersices are performed on 20 sec interval, 10 sec rest for 8 sets. Kettle bell... My love.. Thanks to the russian technology. Russian military uses kettlebell into their daily trainings. It looks like a bowling ball with handle, made with iron of cos. that kettlebell has left my arms sore for days. It is great as it gives overall effect to your body. Cardio + strength + flexibility. 3 in 1 i shall say :) interesting eh? You guys should give it a try. It works tremendously.

I got motivated cos im tired of people calling me fat. That im not normal than everyone else cos i was thick. My acquantaince used to make jokes about fat people and she turn around and look at me and say, sorry i didnt mean you! Thats pretty nasty eh? And im also tired of the mentality that once u become a mom you can never wear your pre pregnancy jeans cos your hips has expend and nithing you can do to save that.

Well darlings, i beat that statement. Im wearing us size 2 now, i was a size 6 before i got pregnant. I am no longer that fat girl people will laugh at, because the difference now is I'm not fat but i have fat. Each of those people motivated me in every single way. But my husband has been a real sweetheart, he is my biggest supporter. As you all know im a stay at home mom, i do not have monthly income, so my husband has been the sole provider for my fitness supplements, he is my dealer. Haha. Yes my husband sells fitness related supplements at a cheaper price that the market is selling. Waaayy cheaper. You can contact me if you are interested. Please do recommend to others too :) much appreciated.

Lastly, as you embark into this fitness journey, please remember that gym or workouts is only 30% the other 70% is faced in the kitchen. Dont waste your time busting your ass and end up eating crap, you wont be seeing results. Food is important. What you feed yourself is the key to everything. 

You need to eat as clean as possible in order to see results. I have mentioned about clean eating in one of my previous post. You should get the basis of it by now. Go slow on sugar, sodium, procesed food, carbonated drinks, refined sugar and anything artficial. The simple key, if your food can go bad, its good for you but if your food cant go bad, than its bad for your. For example your chips, biscuits etc. u should get the hint of bad food by now.

Eat clean during weekdays and have 1 day off. This is what we call cheat day. But make sure you dont turn your cheat day into cheat DAYS! You gotta have self control here. Manage your portion, eat every 3 hours. By eating 6 times a day you are actually speeding up your metabolism. As long as you are eating the good food! 

Now its time to stock up the kitchen with healthy food. Start slowly but surely. You can and you will. It is all in your mind! 

Here's a picture of me today, celebrating my post workout. Bicep burnout baby. Killed my arms and back today. It was crazy 1 hour workout but totally worth it. 

Gonna hit the sack, rest is much needed for muscles growth. Workout routines will be up next. 

Take care my fitlove :)


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