Wednesday, March 20, 2013

healthy vs skinny

i always wanted to be skinny for my whole life. i envy people that can rock a skinny jeans and cropped top. but this weight loss journey has taught me so much about getting in shape.

i saw a girl the other day, so skinny and yes she looks good in skinny jeans. and i told my husband omg she's so skinny. and my husbands answer just gave me the answer i've been looking for. he said yeah she's skinny but not healthy.

yeah i just love my husband. which is true u need fat. fat is good. theres a difference between you are fat and you have fat.

now that i've achieved my goal weight i no longer have to battle w that being being depressed cos i know everyone can rock any dress. the trick is live healthy. exercise is the key point.

for the past year i have been exercising everyday and even days that im supposed to rest i'll feel guilty for not sweating. yeah im an addict.

so my point is eat healthy, live healthy and u'll be fine! clean eating is difficult but once u tried u know its all worth it. swap ur ingredients to a healthy choice. white rice to brown rice, white bread to wholegrains. everything white is badddd. hahahha bad for your health. swap ur full cream milk to soy milk. drink as much green tea as u can. its filled w antioxidant and it increases ur body metabolism. pop some iron into ur exercise routine. they burn more calories at rest. skip that yogurt please, try greek yogurt. they do your body good.

ohh yeah, cut your sugar intake. thats the most important. i've always skipped sugar nowadays. even my funny mountain soya is without sugar. its delicious right? that soya. try ordering the ones without sugar and u'll realized that for all these year you are actually drinking the sugar. because the no sugar soya taste like hell. hahha and my husband just found out and he was upset.

i tried putting my husband into my healthy fitness regime. but i must say his willpower has decreases along the year. guess he's tired after working and he just want to indulge. but i did make sure that he doesnt go overboard. hence he still manage to maintain his weight with a little weight loss. he does sprinting now. which is damn good! do u know sprinting is way better than running? hahah u dont right? 20 minutes of sprinting in a week is enough to burn more calories that running for for the whole week. i read that somewhere. must be from one of the men's fitness mags.

so my journey continue to a healthier, fitter and toned me! hope everyone out there are willing to give it a try! and good luck ;)

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