Friday, March 15, 2013

let them grow.

i found adrian fell on his bum in the toilet today. and my toilet has water leakage coming from above. and the water was dropping on his head. haha it was so funny. he didnt cry but was just grumbling. lol i swear it was so funny!!!

earlier this morning as i was preparing his breakfast (oats mixed with banana and fresh milk topped with raw honey and ground cinnamon) . yeap he likes oats and thats pretty weird eh? my baby is one healthy baby. other than that, rice is a big NO NO!

so yeah, was whipping that up or him and this boy starts to ransacked my kitchen cabinet and i told him not to play with my glass jar. so he put that aside and play with my plastic tupperware, which i let him to. cos they are toddlers, learning toddlers. i let him play whatever he wants but theres things that i go, ' adriannn nooooooo!' hahahha. then i was about to prepare my breakfast pulak, i heard , ' paaaaangggg!'

no, no nothing happened to me. it was my glass jar that i hid from him earlier, he managed to get it down from the table and was trying to run away with it but it was so heavy and he dropped it. and pecah la glass jar mommy. mommy nak letak kuih raya macam mana ni adriannn. arghhh tension betul.

put him in his highchair while i clean the broken pieces of my precious glass jar. and he all hysterical cos this little boy has this obsession over broom and dustpan. i wonder why? adrian nak sgt tolong mommy sapu sampah eh?

all settled. its time for breakfast. today i fed him in his bumbo. so he ate the oats while i had my regular, wholegrain toast with pb topped with banana. then i left him to clean my porch ( he is still in his bumbo) and yeah he cant get out cos bumbo somehow locked him inside. u need an adult to pull u out or maybe cos peha anak mak dah gemok kot hahahah

usually he will get all worked up cos he nak ikut keluat but surprisingly today i hear no sound of crying. so i thought ohh baik nya anak mak tengok tv tak bising pun.

i went in and the boy gave me a big smile. im like ohhh so sweet my son. skali mak tengok, tumblr air dah kosong and sebelah tangan pegang lid, and lagi sebelah pegang the bottle. tengok kat tepi, air dah tumpah kena carpet and lantai.


hahahha nak marah tapi tak jadi sebab rasa cute sangat when he smile at me with that innocent face.

its just precios u know. that moment when u see them grow with all these behaviour. its nerve breaking but adorable. i treasure every moment i have with him!

i told my husband i rather not have frequent holidays and new expensive clothings/ handbags for me but i have the memories of my child when i grow old.

those are precious things that money cant buy. i love him too much that i think adrian is already overdosed with it hahaha hence the spoiling ( daddy said that)

my response? thats not spoiling thats love!


i just want the best for my son. thats all. heheh tapi sometimes mommy overboard la kan. sometimes jerrrrr not always.

my husband always asked me ni sapa yang nak, mommy ke adrian? hahah my answer, adriannn laaaa. then hubs always asked and how do u know that? and i said, he came out from my vagina. we have some telepathic communication going on sometimes. hahahah my husband wen silent!

yay mommy always win!!

okie dokie time to go. till then, bloggie!


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