Tuesday, March 5, 2013


i kept thinking about the way how things spark up between me and my husband. those were the happiest moment in my life. loving him made me alive each day.

i used to be a crappy person. moody by the day and night but when i met him. everything seems so flowery and i felt like i was in cloud nine. thats the feeling u get when u are in love i guess.

the thing i love most about him is how our brain have the same wavelength. we practically always say the same thing, same word at the same time. they say its jinx but that what i love about us. our brain just clicked. and till today we still do that, let it be in real life or types out.

thats why we are bestfriends to start off. and by all means im glad that it got deeper between us cos i cant see any other person to be my better half.

and i will always remember your efforts and dedication u put in during our courting period. and baby, thats the happiest period ever. because you gave me hope and u made it a reality.

i have lots of stories to tell adrian about his awesome dad when he's older. about how fantastic u are as a man and i pray that he will turn out just like his dad.

u are my bestfriend, my colleague, my partner, my lover, my boyfriend, my fiance, my husband and now u are the father of my child. and u have been an amazing dad to adrian and a fantastic husband to me.

thank you, my love, my heart. i hope our love blossom everyday and that u wouldn't get bored looking at me as i aged and we will grow old together and laugh at our gray hair.

i love you, my arief! forever and always. my heart belongs to u and only u! our love is eternal!


Your Mimi.

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