Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Today's improvement after 2weeks of daily yoga. I set up an internal clock for myself to wake up. Set my alarm at 630am but i woke up at 620am. Also i can sleep earlier nowadays im off by 11am. Argh just love this little by little changes i've made in life. 

Happiness is all around me. Got some of my favourite teas, my mooncake, my date nectar, and also my pistachio. Life is great. Alhamdullillah. Thanks Allah for blessing me w all the goodness in life. 

Its all about finding the innerself through the self. Hah. Complicated. I dont get that phrase before this, but now, i totally get it. 

May we be cherish w love, peace and calmness always. 

On the other note, cooking up some pumpkin risotto today. So excited to cut that cute little pumpkin. Great day ahead peeps. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

From crossfit to yoga.

Feeling a inspired to write today. So im gonna rant about my thoughts on changing my fitness addiction from crossfit to yoga and mainly my take on this whole journey of being a so called self taught yogi.

Previously, i have been crazy over kettlebell, box jump, and HIIT training. Till the day that i found out i have tendonitis which affected my left wrist. Its been frustrating for me as i cant workout or carry my kettlebell. No overhead press are allowed as i will aggravate the injure tendon more. I had my one week rest and it still didnt get any better. Everytime i carry my 12kg KB on my left, i feel this burning sensation on my wrist and my hand will start to vibrate. I got really sad, spoke to the hubster abt it and he told me rest. Again! And being the fitness freak, i cant stop. I feel empty when i dont sweat. Its like im missing something. Haha. Then... I started to go back to yoga. Yes, i incorporate yoga too in my fitness routine but it wasnt really focusing on it. It was mainly to switch up my routine. 

To cut short, i began practicing yoga again and i fell in love with it. Like head over heels. Haha like seriously what other exersice allows u to have your head touching ur bum? Haha seriously those twisting and bending, its amazing. U'll be amaze of what ur body can do actually. Yoga is all about calmness, balancing, flexibility and coolness. Like doing something without stressing it. As for me, i am blessed w flexibility. not that much. but im quite flexible. so it was a smooth start. And one thing i know is that yoga needs lots of core muscles. U need to have strong core to balance, to lift ur hips up in certain poses. Then, i started to read up about all the goodness of yoga, the anatomy, the breathing, the types of yoga to the yogic diet. Yeah u name it, google was my best friend for the past few months.

I started being vegan last week. Not for life. But for 7 days. Just to have that feel since most yogi are vegan. Why? Cos it has something to do with the ayuverdic. Google it up. Im lazy to type haha. So but actually yoga is about balancing and being healthy. Eat more greens not processed food. As yoga is all about cleansing and purification of the inner self. So yeah, today is my 5th day, and i actually feel just fine without meat. And it was easy for me as i have been practicing clean eating, no big difference. Just no more eggs and tuna. I actually feel more energetic and i sleep better at night, i used to have insomnia. But now im happy that i can sleep :) hah theres a plus point there. 

What other plus point? I move a step further in my poses. Yay! Manage to do the crow, side crow, and half of the headstand. Thats like an accomplishment in life u know. So happy of how much my core has strengthen and my arms got stronger. Its just beyond amazing. 

After thinking in depth. I wouldnt be a vegan or vegatarian or lacto-ovo vegetarian or pescetarian in specific. I will just live healthy and go green and be healthy in my choice of food. Over this week, i've realized that after eating greens i've lost the temptation of eating unhealthy food. I dont crave them anymore. So im just going by the rules of eating healthy nutrituous food that will bring energy and balance. Like the french said, pay attention to what i eat. I dont need to be vegan in order to be a yogi. But my diet will consist mostly greens and other healthy food to give me energy. Im instilling consciousness in whatever i do. To find peace in oneself, one has got to let go. I will ensure that this journey will be for the benefit of all. Happier life and less stress 😊

Have a great week ahead. I hope it will be a good and blessed one. Here's my happy post yoga face with the little yogi.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

of celebration and calories

my god. this raya was one whiny cranky grouchy raya. baby boy was unwell. teething and diarrhea. had to deal with a cry baby the entire holiday. yeap lucky in the sense that we need not have to travel  long distance to both hubs and my parents house cos we are both from ipoh. thats a blessing. i wonder how adrian will be if he had to suffer hours of traffic jam in the car.

other than that, we enjoyed food to the maximum. which i think this year raya, i ate the most biscuits, rendangs, lemangs, peanut sauce( imma sucker for peanuts. i eat them all alone without nasi impit or ketupat). not to mention how i wallop all those mee rebus, rojak, mee goreng, satay and cendol during in laws open house. yeah shoot me now. but thanks for eating clean. alhamdullillah i did not gain weight. weehoo. probably gain water weight. thats all. ehehe

and finally today i can resume back to my clean eating routine and i never feel happier. for once i can be at the comfort of my own house and not having ppl judging me for throwing away the egg yolks. yeah i throw my yolks away. so what. blergh stop glaring at me like i just murdered someone. grrr

adrian is getting better. everyone can resume to their everyday routine and no mote cry baby and annoyed parents. both adrian and i need some peace and quite time. hahha yeah we are anti social like that. we like to cuddle in the room w no one else except daddy. say whatever, we dont like loud environment. we are the cool ppl. haha

cant wait to wake up to a brand new day. and a big bowl of oatmeal to start my day. good night earthlings :) sleep tight. thank god for what we have today.  

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ramadan 2013

I have been awake for almost 24hours. Yeay way to go supermom lol this year has been a very eventful ramadan. Went for iftar at in laws, my FIL mom's house in Bidor and did i tell you food spread grew this year too. Had so much food everytime for iftar. And being the always hungry ppl, we wallop everything on the table. Such greedy ppl. Lol

This year i pray and hope for a smooth ramadan with lots of patience. Adrian is growing actively, i need some sort of miracle to cope w this young man. Fuhh.. He is driving us crazy. Love to see how full of energy he is. 

So, today i've been up since 730 am. No rest. Went out for our daily drive around town. Bought some cake stuff. Yup i baked banana and dates bread today to bring to bidor. Delicious i swear. No picture cos it was gone minutes after it was served. Actually i got no time to holdmy phone. Went straight to bidor right after the bread came out from the oven. 

Had crazy delicious iftar over there, with nasi briyani salim from ipoh, lamb kurma, big ass prawns, chicken curry, sweet n sour fish, veggie, curry puff, my banana dates bread, manggo juice. Omg crazy. Dunkin donut on the way back. Garghh im a fat pig. Oh that iftar spread i posted in insta was from yesterday's hahaha.

Came back, did my assignments. And clock in my 1 hour interval yoga at 3.40am. Omg so many thing to do, so little time. Im swamped. Next week, is doa selamat at orphanage hosted by my in laws. I love the fact that this year, i have so many things to do and i dont waste my day time counting hours to buka. Hahaha plus i have adrian to distract me. 

Ok i should sleep. Or adrian gonna have a grumpy cranky mommy tmr. Lol. 

Selamat berpuasa! May u all have a blessed ramadan!  xx

Monday, July 1, 2013


Havent been on blogspot for soo long, mainly cos i was occupied w family related activities and also keeping up w my fitness. 

Here's a confession.. Shh dont tell anyone. I ate Mcdonalds 2 days ago. Spicy chicken wrap, fries ( yup i gobble down on a large McD fries), and their apple pie. Day before i had 3 tosai in one sitting together with chicken curry and dhal. And i also had the fattening malay dishes. Gulai lemak and what not. Omg i've sinned. Hahaha but i feel good right after. That McD was a bittersweet closure to it. I really wrapped it up with the most fattening not healthy artery clogging meal ever. 

Back to clean eating now. My tummy is still bloated from all those sodium. Water retention mainly. I think i gained some weight. I've been on two scales, one says 48kg and the other 50 kg. i dunno which to trust. I have trust issues btw. Lol.

Fitness update: i've not been doing my KB exersice religiously now, cos im still having that numbness from mytendonitis, and i dont want to further hurt it with excessive usage of my wrist. So i'll go slow. No snatches at the moment. What you need to know is that i got addicted to yoga. Seriously im hooked. Used to do yoga, then i got bored cos i dont see results. But now that i found interval yoga, my life has never been better. Im a lazy ass when it comes to cardio, hence i lift weights. ( it burns more calories too). Now that i have to go slow on those heavy iron, interval yoga saved me. I have been making progress too. Believe me, i see results on my abs and thigh. Lost 2 cm of mythigh, 1 cm of my calf, 1 1/2 cm of my upper arm. So go on and do yoga, theres no mantra used in the yoga i perform. Just breathing technique :)

Life update: its my 2nd year marriage anniversary in 10mins. Ooohh we are going stronger day by day. And i love the hubster even more everyday. The best husband, father, bestfriend. I am truly blessed. Alhamdullilah thank you, allah. 

I also been doing some baking lately. Healthy and not so healthy baking goodies. Butter cake for dads bday, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for fathers day, banana bread, banana oatmeal cookies to name a few. Will be baking marble cake this thursday for the kenduri doa selamat that my in laws is having. So excited, wheee :) hope it turns out well. 

And now, i shall go and wish my husband Happy Anniversary!

Till then. Xx

Friday, June 7, 2013

Crossfit June

woke up sore from top to toe. my back, fore arms, quad. but indeed the best feeling ever. 

i went all out on KB training since last week. i dont do cardio anymore cos those burpees and KB swings is already a cardio.

the best part about crossfit is that its only 20mins of workout and you really get the maximum effect. cos you push your body all out. i am now trying to master the hand stand push up ( HSPU). 

spend quite a bit this month for our ( my husband and I) kinda expensive hobby. whey protein and new KB. cant wait for them to arrive. wheee.

so, here's what going on my mind this week. why cant people understand that i am not on a losing weight journey anymore. it has already become my lifestyle to train and get stronger. i love working out, its a passion. i dont starve, i do eat. 6 times a day in fact. 

even my closest friend said that you are skinny, your fats are barely visible. well that makes me really sad, actually. so, i train even harder. yesterday was my rest day actually i was damn sore from the previous workout but i get so mad that some people just dont get the point that i train to get stronger. to lose my body fat. well its ok. not everyone will understand what ur goal is. the tiger never lose sleep to the opinion of a sheep,ey?

so yes, did a crazy workout right after. i felt so much better. and i ate hell a lot after that too. haha was so damn hungry.   had my protein shake w sweet potato and banana. then i got even hungrier, chow down on tuna, eggs and veggies. 2 hours after got hungry again, ate 1 green apple. then corn and the highlight, ramly burger and garrett's popcorn. oh yes i have sinned. lol cant help it. so freaking hungry. guess my metabolic rate went crazy yesterday. 

and i woke up today hungry. again! had my coffee rolled oats topped with choc sauce, pb and banana. ohh im so satisfied now. sipping my green tea as im ranting this out. 

on the other note, im very happy to be able to inspire people to live healthy and train. especially, my husband. he has been a great supporter. i even got him to wake up early to train. he's eating well too. cant wait for him to get back in shape. im so psyche to see his progress. and also to friends who has been supporting, you guys are awesome! 

to conclude, i would say strong is the new skinny.have a blessed friday everyone! xx

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

220513 Food Journal

Breakfast: 16 oz of water prior to waking up

Wholegrain toast ( no sugar) with Crunchy peanut butter ( no sugar) and 1 banana

Mid morning snack:

sweet potato chips ( cos i was baking it)

Lunch/ pre workout

Wholegrain wraps with lettuce, spinach, bell peppers, and cili padi tuna with side of my sweet potato chips

Post workout

ON Soy Protein( whey bloats me up)


Steamed dory with ginger, oregano and thymes and side of carrots, brocs and bok choy. Sriracha to taste.

Then i had my all time favourite gong cha's green tea with herbal jelly and a bit of my hubs red bean.

Off to bed now, i shall dream of my breakfast. Yes i love breakfast so much that i go to sleep thinking about them and i wake up thinking about them!

Good night fitfam :) xx