Monday, July 1, 2013


Havent been on blogspot for soo long, mainly cos i was occupied w family related activities and also keeping up w my fitness. 

Here's a confession.. Shh dont tell anyone. I ate Mcdonalds 2 days ago. Spicy chicken wrap, fries ( yup i gobble down on a large McD fries), and their apple pie. Day before i had 3 tosai in one sitting together with chicken curry and dhal. And i also had the fattening malay dishes. Gulai lemak and what not. Omg i've sinned. Hahaha but i feel good right after. That McD was a bittersweet closure to it. I really wrapped it up with the most fattening not healthy artery clogging meal ever. 

Back to clean eating now. My tummy is still bloated from all those sodium. Water retention mainly. I think i gained some weight. I've been on two scales, one says 48kg and the other 50 kg. i dunno which to trust. I have trust issues btw. Lol.

Fitness update: i've not been doing my KB exersice religiously now, cos im still having that numbness from mytendonitis, and i dont want to further hurt it with excessive usage of my wrist. So i'll go slow. No snatches at the moment. What you need to know is that i got addicted to yoga. Seriously im hooked. Used to do yoga, then i got bored cos i dont see results. But now that i found interval yoga, my life has never been better. Im a lazy ass when it comes to cardio, hence i lift weights. ( it burns more calories too). Now that i have to go slow on those heavy iron, interval yoga saved me. I have been making progress too. Believe me, i see results on my abs and thigh. Lost 2 cm of mythigh, 1 cm of my calf, 1 1/2 cm of my upper arm. So go on and do yoga, theres no mantra used in the yoga i perform. Just breathing technique :)

Life update: its my 2nd year marriage anniversary in 10mins. Ooohh we are going stronger day by day. And i love the hubster even more everyday. The best husband, father, bestfriend. I am truly blessed. Alhamdullilah thank you, allah. 

I also been doing some baking lately. Healthy and not so healthy baking goodies. Butter cake for dads bday, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for fathers day, banana bread, banana oatmeal cookies to name a few. Will be baking marble cake this thursday for the kenduri doa selamat that my in laws is having. So excited, wheee :) hope it turns out well. 

And now, i shall go and wish my husband Happy Anniversary!

Till then. Xx

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