Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ramadan 2013

I have been awake for almost 24hours. Yeay way to go supermom lol this year has been a very eventful ramadan. Went for iftar at in laws, my FIL mom's house in Bidor and did i tell you food spread grew this year too. Had so much food everytime for iftar. And being the always hungry ppl, we wallop everything on the table. Such greedy ppl. Lol

This year i pray and hope for a smooth ramadan with lots of patience. Adrian is growing actively, i need some sort of miracle to cope w this young man. Fuhh.. He is driving us crazy. Love to see how full of energy he is. 

So, today i've been up since 730 am. No rest. Went out for our daily drive around town. Bought some cake stuff. Yup i baked banana and dates bread today to bring to bidor. Delicious i swear. No picture cos it was gone minutes after it was served. Actually i got no time to holdmy phone. Went straight to bidor right after the bread came out from the oven. 

Had crazy delicious iftar over there, with nasi briyani salim from ipoh, lamb kurma, big ass prawns, chicken curry, sweet n sour fish, veggie, curry puff, my banana dates bread, manggo juice. Omg crazy. Dunkin donut on the way back. Garghh im a fat pig. Oh that iftar spread i posted in insta was from yesterday's hahaha.

Came back, did my assignments. And clock in my 1 hour interval yoga at 3.40am. Omg so many thing to do, so little time. Im swamped. Next week, is doa selamat at orphanage hosted by my in laws. I love the fact that this year, i have so many things to do and i dont waste my day time counting hours to buka. Hahaha plus i have adrian to distract me. 

Ok i should sleep. Or adrian gonna have a grumpy cranky mommy tmr. Lol. 

Selamat berpuasa! May u all have a blessed ramadan!  xx

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