Tuesday, August 13, 2013

of celebration and calories

my god. this raya was one whiny cranky grouchy raya. baby boy was unwell. teething and diarrhea. had to deal with a cry baby the entire holiday. yeap lucky in the sense that we need not have to travel  long distance to both hubs and my parents house cos we are both from ipoh. thats a blessing. i wonder how adrian will be if he had to suffer hours of traffic jam in the car.

other than that, we enjoyed food to the maximum. which i think this year raya, i ate the most biscuits, rendangs, lemangs, peanut sauce( imma sucker for peanuts. i eat them all alone without nasi impit or ketupat). not to mention how i wallop all those mee rebus, rojak, mee goreng, satay and cendol during in laws open house. yeah shoot me now. but thanks for eating clean. alhamdullillah i did not gain weight. weehoo. probably gain water weight. thats all. ehehe

and finally today i can resume back to my clean eating routine and i never feel happier. for once i can be at the comfort of my own house and not having ppl judging me for throwing away the egg yolks. yeah i throw my yolks away. so what. blergh stop glaring at me like i just murdered someone. grrr

adrian is getting better. everyone can resume to their everyday routine and no mote cry baby and annoyed parents. both adrian and i need some peace and quite time. hahha yeah we are anti social like that. we like to cuddle in the room w no one else except daddy. say whatever, we dont like loud environment. we are the cool ppl. haha

cant wait to wake up to a brand new day. and a big bowl of oatmeal to start my day. good night earthlings :) sleep tight. thank god for what we have today.  

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