Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Today's improvement after 2weeks of daily yoga. I set up an internal clock for myself to wake up. Set my alarm at 630am but i woke up at 620am. Also i can sleep earlier nowadays im off by 11am. Argh just love this little by little changes i've made in life. 

Happiness is all around me. Got some of my favourite teas, my mooncake, my date nectar, and also my pistachio. Life is great. Alhamdullillah. Thanks Allah for blessing me w all the goodness in life. 

Its all about finding the innerself through the self. Hah. Complicated. I dont get that phrase before this, but now, i totally get it. 

May we be cherish w love, peace and calmness always. 

On the other note, cooking up some pumpkin risotto today. So excited to cut that cute little pumpkin. Great day ahead peeps. 

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