Monday, August 26, 2013

From crossfit to yoga.

Feeling a inspired to write today. So im gonna rant about my thoughts on changing my fitness addiction from crossfit to yoga and mainly my take on this whole journey of being a so called self taught yogi.

Previously, i have been crazy over kettlebell, box jump, and HIIT training. Till the day that i found out i have tendonitis which affected my left wrist. Its been frustrating for me as i cant workout or carry my kettlebell. No overhead press are allowed as i will aggravate the injure tendon more. I had my one week rest and it still didnt get any better. Everytime i carry my 12kg KB on my left, i feel this burning sensation on my wrist and my hand will start to vibrate. I got really sad, spoke to the hubster abt it and he told me rest. Again! And being the fitness freak, i cant stop. I feel empty when i dont sweat. Its like im missing something. Haha. Then... I started to go back to yoga. Yes, i incorporate yoga too in my fitness routine but it wasnt really focusing on it. It was mainly to switch up my routine. 

To cut short, i began practicing yoga again and i fell in love with it. Like head over heels. Haha like seriously what other exersice allows u to have your head touching ur bum? Haha seriously those twisting and bending, its amazing. U'll be amaze of what ur body can do actually. Yoga is all about calmness, balancing, flexibility and coolness. Like doing something without stressing it. As for me, i am blessed w flexibility. not that much. but im quite flexible. so it was a smooth start. And one thing i know is that yoga needs lots of core muscles. U need to have strong core to balance, to lift ur hips up in certain poses. Then, i started to read up about all the goodness of yoga, the anatomy, the breathing, the types of yoga to the yogic diet. Yeah u name it, google was my best friend for the past few months.

I started being vegan last week. Not for life. But for 7 days. Just to have that feel since most yogi are vegan. Why? Cos it has something to do with the ayuverdic. Google it up. Im lazy to type haha. So but actually yoga is about balancing and being healthy. Eat more greens not processed food. As yoga is all about cleansing and purification of the inner self. So yeah, today is my 5th day, and i actually feel just fine without meat. And it was easy for me as i have been practicing clean eating, no big difference. Just no more eggs and tuna. I actually feel more energetic and i sleep better at night, i used to have insomnia. But now im happy that i can sleep :) hah theres a plus point there. 

What other plus point? I move a step further in my poses. Yay! Manage to do the crow, side crow, and half of the headstand. Thats like an accomplishment in life u know. So happy of how much my core has strengthen and my arms got stronger. Its just beyond amazing. 

After thinking in depth. I wouldnt be a vegan or vegatarian or lacto-ovo vegetarian or pescetarian in specific. I will just live healthy and go green and be healthy in my choice of food. Over this week, i've realized that after eating greens i've lost the temptation of eating unhealthy food. I dont crave them anymore. So im just going by the rules of eating healthy nutrituous food that will bring energy and balance. Like the french said, pay attention to what i eat. I dont need to be vegan in order to be a yogi. But my diet will consist mostly greens and other healthy food to give me energy. Im instilling consciousness in whatever i do. To find peace in oneself, one has got to let go. I will ensure that this journey will be for the benefit of all. Happier life and less stress 😊

Have a great week ahead. I hope it will be a good and blessed one. Here's my happy post yoga face with the little yogi.

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