Friday, June 7, 2013

Crossfit June

woke up sore from top to toe. my back, fore arms, quad. but indeed the best feeling ever. 

i went all out on KB training since last week. i dont do cardio anymore cos those burpees and KB swings is already a cardio.

the best part about crossfit is that its only 20mins of workout and you really get the maximum effect. cos you push your body all out. i am now trying to master the hand stand push up ( HSPU). 

spend quite a bit this month for our ( my husband and I) kinda expensive hobby. whey protein and new KB. cant wait for them to arrive. wheee.

so, here's what going on my mind this week. why cant people understand that i am not on a losing weight journey anymore. it has already become my lifestyle to train and get stronger. i love working out, its a passion. i dont starve, i do eat. 6 times a day in fact. 

even my closest friend said that you are skinny, your fats are barely visible. well that makes me really sad, actually. so, i train even harder. yesterday was my rest day actually i was damn sore from the previous workout but i get so mad that some people just dont get the point that i train to get stronger. to lose my body fat. well its ok. not everyone will understand what ur goal is. the tiger never lose sleep to the opinion of a sheep,ey?

so yes, did a crazy workout right after. i felt so much better. and i ate hell a lot after that too. haha was so damn hungry.   had my protein shake w sweet potato and banana. then i got even hungrier, chow down on tuna, eggs and veggies. 2 hours after got hungry again, ate 1 green apple. then corn and the highlight, ramly burger and garrett's popcorn. oh yes i have sinned. lol cant help it. so freaking hungry. guess my metabolic rate went crazy yesterday. 

and i woke up today hungry. again! had my coffee rolled oats topped with choc sauce, pb and banana. ohh im so satisfied now. sipping my green tea as im ranting this out. 

on the other note, im very happy to be able to inspire people to live healthy and train. especially, my husband. he has been a great supporter. i even got him to wake up early to train. he's eating well too. cant wait for him to get back in shape. im so psyche to see his progress. and also to friends who has been supporting, you guys are awesome! 

to conclude, i would say strong is the new skinny.have a blessed friday everyone! xx

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  1. Im behind you. =)

    Go mummy go! Aishh inspirations betol tau minah ni. Geram!