Wednesday, May 22, 2013

220513 Food Journal

Breakfast: 16 oz of water prior to waking up

Wholegrain toast ( no sugar) with Crunchy peanut butter ( no sugar) and 1 banana

Mid morning snack:

sweet potato chips ( cos i was baking it)

Lunch/ pre workout

Wholegrain wraps with lettuce, spinach, bell peppers, and cili padi tuna with side of my sweet potato chips

Post workout

ON Soy Protein( whey bloats me up)


Steamed dory with ginger, oregano and thymes and side of carrots, brocs and bok choy. Sriracha to taste.

Then i had my all time favourite gong cha's green tea with herbal jelly and a bit of my hubs red bean.

Off to bed now, i shall dream of my breakfast. Yes i love breakfast so much that i go to sleep thinking about them and i wake up thinking about them!

Good night fitfam :) xx

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