Monday, May 20, 2013

Kettlebell kind of sunday..

I did not workout on saturday. Had a very bad sore after leg day on Friday. No yoga too but i went for a walk in the park w the family.

Was still sore on sunday but determination kicked in, had my kettle bell workout for 30 minutes. Felt like i went to hell during clean and press. Haha but overall it was a good satisfying workout!

And here's adrian joining my workout. Yes, boy cant leave me alone. So i gotta juggle between my fitness routine and being a sahm.

And here's my lunch for today. Pantry and kitchen ran out of veggies n meat. So i whipped myself up a bowl of oatmeak. Since i had toast for breakfast. Well anyone can eat breakfast all day long, no?

Apple cinnamon oatmeal!

Now to put the boy for his nap and head for my HIIT cardio workout!

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