Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Change for a better you.

If it doesnt challenge you, it doesnt change you.

Change or remain the same.

I seriously live by that quote now. I have been clean eating for a while now. You'll be able to see it on my Instagram feeds. I no longer try to damage my internal organs or attempt to clog my arteries. This is a no turning back journey.

Why i love clean eating? Because i actually felt more energized throughout the day, and no more lethargy. Yes, i always feel tired all day long even wheni do nothing. But by eating clean it has helped me overcome this problem and no more joint pains. Yay to that!

Its all in our mind. You have to focus and have a serious attitude toward this. I am telling you, just by eating clean, u will be able to see results. What to do for your first step to clean eating? Ditch that carbonated drinks will you. You musnt be drinking your calories, hun! Next, drink lots of water! Then, eliminate refined sugars, refined carbs ( all those white bread, white rice, white potatos) toss that away from ur diet. Lastly, stock up ur kitchen with lots of greens and fruits. When you crave for those candy, eat your fruits :) they sweet too and have vitamins thats good for your body!

Now, let me remind you, if you dont watch what you eat, you wont be seeing results. Have you heard the saying, ' 30% gym, 70% kitchen/nutrition, 100% mental'? Well its true, abs are made in the kitchen. Again, no diet, no abs baby :)

Go on and try eating clean. Remember, its all in ur mind. You can do this!

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