Saturday, May 18, 2013

endorphins? yay or nay?

today was supposed to be my rest day. my whole body is so sore. yesterday was leg day. day before was arms and back. and i didnt sleep well cos adrian woke up a few times last night.

but i'm feeling rather sad today. emotionally sad. contemplating whether i should take a day off or not 😢

endorphins always makes me happy. its the best anti-depressant anyways. maybe i should do some yoga to calm myself. i cant run, my legs are so sore from yesterday workout. which the only option is yoga. power yoga it is! 

hah don't under estimate yoga. its one crazy exercise! you'll be sweating buckets! and feel much better right after! 

p.s: i got a new reebok running shoes! totally in love with it. courtesy of the husband and my dad ✌loving the striking colours of the shoes! 

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