Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Its a wrap,2012!

one year has passed by. twentytwelve has thought me a lot about responsibilities, priorities, family, and love. i learnt to grow up and stand on my own feet in just one year. that, im proud of myself. all thanks to my ever supportive, loving, caring and patience husband. without him i wouldnt achieve all that.

decided to wrap twentytwelve in our neighboring country, singapore. all i can tell is that, its good to travel to the first world country but it will also cost a hole in your wallet ;)

the experience was fun. adrian was such an angel through out the trip. too good that he got sick cos he was too tired i guess. pity mommy's lil handsome boy.

next trip, will be a longer trip, adrian. surprise! lol this is just to warm u up with the immigration,airplanes and stuff. haha

mommy and daddy will wait until you are big enough to enjoy the trip. then we'll travel around the world.

just us 3!

p.s: pics are in my instagram (@mimizainal)

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