Saturday, January 12, 2013


bloody hell for the love of god. dear eyes, will you please just shut and go to sleep.

guess im having that guilt of not working out today. yeah im that weird. i get obsessive when im into something. will u please just kill me now for my exaggeration!

anyhow, this post is for me to note that MY BOY TOOK HIS BABY STEP TODAY (110113) at about 10pm. yeah im forgetful like that, should have jot it down in the previous post.

my brain just fail me after delivery. making me depressed every time i cant find my stuffs. its just plain annoying i tell u.

ok i should really throw my iphone aside. its taking a toll on me. or maybe i should rant more? yay? nay?

ok. NAY! im going to bed. son gonna wake up soon and im gonna be so cranky tomorrow, adrian's not gonna like it!

sometimes i just love talking to myself here hahaha cos nobody reads my blog muahahahah


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