Monday, January 7, 2013

20kgs off the body..

As you all know, when i was carrying Adrian, i was 85kg. As soon as i delivered him, i shed 10kg ( water,blood,the baby etc). i was stucked at 75kg for almost 3 months when i finally managed to go down to 71kg. Then, the number on scale never moved. despite my dieting and exercising. ( was running on treadmill at this point and cutting off half of my rice portion)

then came Ramadhan 2011, that i told myself, i need to do something to lose this baby fat. i vowed to stop eating rice. LOL. well it worked. for the whole month with no rice, no junk food, no sugary drinks with only house chores. i shed 10kg. Yes believe it or not. i was 61kg during raya. Motivated by the weight loss. i started exercising. Jillian Michaels workouts, Jeannette Jenkins. You can find their DVDs in Speedy. IT WORKED. I am now 55kg and still counting :)

Training is just 30%. Food is 70% my friends. Dont waste your hardwork on bad food. and as u workout, do take supplements. I have taken Hydroxycut Hardcore( during gym days, way before Adrian. Yeap i've started long ago but never really focus into it), Hydroxycut Advance, Whey Protein, and my current obsession, L-Carnitine ( getting this next week).

However, the best supplements is still your will power ;)

Just calculated my fat percentage 2 days ago and its 22.4% (fitness level) this has make me even more motivated to continue cos i know its working. It takes weeks even months for you to see the results but when u do, it totally paid off.

and please, focus on fat loss instead of weight loss. the number on the scale means nothing. I'm not an expert but go on and google the difference.

Usually this will be my workout time while adrian is asleep but today im so fucking sore from the exercise i did 2 days ago. Maybe tonight.

gotta go now, little boy woke up and giving me a stare. Lol

p.s: oh btw im selling the supplements with cheaper price than GNC. WAY CHEAPER than GNC. Let me know if you're interested.


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  1. Me & Apek are on our way. And we have change our white rice to brown rice. Thanks to you Mimi. =))