Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello January :)

Its January 2013. ahh how time flies. adrian has grown so much since the last time i posted here. little boy is 1 year 1 month already.

To sum up my 2012. It has been a very emotional year for me. but i managed to get back up and face it. became a mom, wife, daughter in law. well thats not easy especially if it involves daily politics.

anyways, we just got back from Singapore for our year end trip. Traveling is so difficult with kids. Messy i mean but in the same time exciting. But adrian is too little to appreciate all these. Had a super great time with hubs and Adrian. the downside, is that lil boy caught up with a very high fever on our last day there.

even after we came back to Ipoh fever was still there. 3 times of visit to specialist clinics, he finally got better and now gotta deal with the rashes called roseola. it happens when the fever go away abruptly.

Not a good start for twentythirteen.

but other than that, life's been good. Planning for a surprise trip for hubs 27th birthday. This time is all about sand and beach :)

I really wanna visit Bali again but hubs says its a third world country, not safe to travel with babies. Aye, aye Captain. whatever you say.

ok next post will be about my weight loss and fat loss challenge ;)
( its free time today, Adrian being an angel taking his nap hehehe)

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