Friday, January 11, 2013

Night rants

got tickets for MLM tonight but for the love of Adrian we sacrifice it. and also hubs and i are not fond of such events.

so its just me, hubs and adrian :) happy life indeed. sadly, big daddy is down with flu. he slept early and adrian is as usual sleeps at 10pm. they left me alone wondering the night away.

which made me think of a conversation i had with a friend earlier today. family planning. she thinks that its good to have small gaps between sibling. like a year gap. whereby i think the least should be 3 years. while she agrees with me along the way but there are sentences that came out from her that says she doesnt agree with me.

well, of course i have my reasons. first of all, i wanna be able to spend as much time with my first born and to be able to see him grow for the first one year and to participate along with him. i know if i were to get pregnant too fast. i would be tired and i cant be able to spend as much time as i did now.

secondly, i want to make sure that adrian is well inform on the situation of having another sibling. i need to make sure that he understands the term of having a little bro/ sis. this can only be done when he is older than 1 year of cos.then he can become a good example to the little ones.

third, it all comes back to cost. we need time to breath. re-calculate our financial situation and babies do cost a lot.

there are other reasons but these are the main points. i dont know about others but i surely thinks my uterus needs a break too.

that is just my point of view. others may vary,no?

for now i shall just enjoy my time with adrian. there's no need to judge or compare, ay? every family has their own definition on family planning. i shall stick to mine :)

above all, if god were to give me another baby. i would be glad. i can only plan my future. its up to him to make it a reality. as they all say, i can only plan, but it would never have happened without the divine intervention ;)

and everday i thank god that im blessed with such a adorable, cute, smart little boy. he now completes me. i have never been happier.

thank you Allah for your blessings.


  1. Sampailah hati kan ada tiket free tak bagi I pun. :( Majok ah gini.

    Anyway back to the topic, bak kata you no need to judge. Setiap orang caranya berbeza. Cant wait for mine.

  2. OMG u read my blog? i tot i was just talking to myself here. awwhh sorry Aini i didnt know u wanted to go. I have 5 tix at home. its okay, next time ya :)

    yeap, true enough. it varies according to individuals ay? i hope one day people will just stop this comparing shit. Lets live our life quietly. haha

    your time will come. and im sure at that time u will understand what i meant by 'i couldnt be happier'

    good luck and GBU, Aini :)