Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Parenting 101

today's topic is about parenting. how do u educate your child? what do you want ur child to grow up as?

Of course, everyone would say, 'I nak anak yang soleh, yang baik, dengar cakap, tak melawan, hormat orang. Sejuk perut mak mengandung!'

kan? am i right? i thought so. that's every parents dream kot.

Before i got married, I'm always surrounded by my nephews and nieces. and i see that what they become is what their parent is.

For instance, now, that i have a child of my own. I realized that Adrian is actually imitating the both of us( me and hubs). which means if you want your child to be like what u mentioned above, then you first gotta be that kind of person. Because to them kids, you are the only role model.

Nak bentuk rebung, biar dari rebung nya. sebab bila dah tua, dah liat and nak bendung pun dah tak boleh. dah keras uols.

So, my point here is that, sayang anak memang sayang. tapi jangan manja kan anak terlebih sebab bila anak dah terbiasa kita yang susah. sebab bila dah tua, dah tak larat, jangan nak complaint kat orang anak u takde initiative. sebab dari awal lagi, u yang bagi muka.

Next, i'm brought up in a family where they thought me that, 'if you're wrong, you're wrong' and you will get your punishment for that. sebab if you tak punish anak you, they wont learn and they think, its okay, my mom say its ok, she wont do anything. Punish bukan la i suruh dera ok but just to bagi pengajaran.

and i think my mother dah bagi i banyak pengajaran in life, though i agree she was a bit strict but because of her, i am what i am today. I'm able to have a family at 24 years old and my knowledge in household is much more than a mother yang ada anak 4. Can u imagine what my mother has taught me when she's alive? banyak ok! tapi i still rasa ada yang she lupa. For example, how to deal w your in laws and etc.hahaha

so lastly, ajar anak elok2 jangan bagi anak jadi kurang ajar. ajar anak cara untuk accept critic and also ajar anak untuk hormat org and jangan menyusahkan orang lain.

insyaallah i will guide Adrian so that he will not become one of those people.

Mak sayang Adrian ok :)

thats all for parenting class, kalau ada lagi nanti i tulis lagi. selamat malam!

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  1. Amin!! Im so happy your family dah complete. =)