Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekends: I'm not enjoying!

Sunday just ended. I have the suckiest weekends ever. I missed being around people that knows me, that care for me and above all, that love me.

Its just different here. All you've got is yourself and your baby. How miserable is that. But yeah, I'm enjoying every second with my son, thats for sure =)

I know why I'm like this... i miss Mak. i just miss her sooo much. things are not the same since she left. everything just went hay wired and nothing seems right anymore. Sad but life has to go on, ay? I'm sure she's in good hands :)

Nothing can beat a mother's love. Now that I'm a mother myself, i finally understand what my late mom used to say,' you wait till i die, and you know there's no one else that will love u like i do'. sound tragic, eh? it is. i was rebellious at that time. mom and i can never meet in the eye. i miss those times. i miss her so much.

and they say, in laws are your mother too. i beg to differ. nothing can come close to your birth mother, only she knows you by heart and only her, that will protect you over anything and i mean ANYTHING!

i swear that i will take care of my children with all the love in the world and never let them experience what i've gone through. i swear to let them marry people that love them and people who never look down on them and most important of all, people who are sincere with them.

Its getting late, Mommy is sleepy. Calling it a night.

Till then Mr Bloggie.


Mommy Mimi

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