Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Investment I've made

So, today i have lots of free time. All alone with my baby boy and the daddy. Dad's looking after Adrian now, so mommy have time to write. I'm writing to keep myself sane. If you know i have been unemployed since August 2011. My time are dedicated to being a housewife and now a full time mommy. Enjoying every second of it, of course!

Lets talk money!

Its not cheap to have a baby. This is serious talk ok. I'll list down few of the basic things i bought for Adrian till now.

List of baby basic things:

1) Quinny Strollers - RM 1699.00
2) Maxi Cosi infant carseat - RM 899.00
3) Crib - RM 129.00
4) Baby cot (ikea) - RM 165.00
5) Mattress - RM 189.90
6) Sterilizers  - RM 119.00
7) Bedding set - RM 259.00
8) Baby bath tub(ikea) - RM 25.00
9) Clothes - This is hundreds of ringgit
10) Milk bottle (NUK) - RM 20.00 (each) x 7
11) toys - hundreds of ringgit. toys are expensive
12) Baby bouncers - RM 69.90
13) Hospital bills (private) - RM 5000.00
14) baby checkups (monthly) - RM 100 - 300 ( depends on the injections)

You do the math ya :)

This are just the things i remembered cos the price is crazy. The expenses will go up once your baby grows, as they grow they'll need more toys, more milk, more clothes.

It actually depends on the brands as well, there's things out there that is cheaper, but i go for quality as it will last longer and maybe i can use it for my girl next time around =)

I was comparing with a friend who lives in NZ and he just have a baby too, and obviously raising a child over there its way cheaper than Malaysia. Their medical bills are covered by the government, clothes are cheap, baby's milk is waaayyy cheaper than Malaysia.

I was thinking to migrate but hubby is not keen about the idea ;( poor mommy!

Till then :) Be good ya'll!

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