Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adrian Raphael Farhan

Hello world!

I'm out, Mummy :)

so yeah, haven't been blogging since last year, but i'm back now. with lots of story to share. Of course, one of it will be about my handsome darling son, Adrian Raphael Farhan. You are the apple of my eye, sweetheart. Mummy fell in love with u when i see you. and yes my boy opens his eyes when he was delivered, which most babies don't. bet u wanna see the world so much, eh?

now, you are fast asleep next to me, while mummy is having some alone time.

Will, update about my labor pains shortly. before that, i'll leave you guys drooling over his future heartbreaker. ( hahaha yes, mummy sees you as a VERY handsome boy!)

Sleep tight, little Adrian!



  1. Comel sangat. Ni I nak pening kejap. Nama sedap sangat. Adriel sedap. Raphael sedap. Mana satu I nak panggil ni???

    1. Adrian boleh, Raphael pun boleh :) hehe aini nak panggil yang manaa?