Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pregnancy and Checkups

During my pregnancy, I watched all kinds of movies related to giving birth, labor pains, and babies. I've always known that labor pains hurts like hell. I've seen both my sisters go through it, but yeah their stories is not the same. As what they say, everybody will not experience the same kind of pain. It differs. So, here i thought by watching those movies, it'll help me go through it well.

Not just that, hubs even bought me books for pregnancy before and after. It teaches me on how i should sit during my contraction, what kind of painkillers should i asked for, and how to detect whether it was a fake labor or not. Since it was my first pregnancy, hubs was really caring and attentive towards me. He was with me through out my pregnancy period, never did he leave me alone. In fact, i was blessed that he followed to everyone checkups i have with the Ob-gyn.

Talking about Ob-gyn, here comes the doctors and hospitals story. You guys might think I'm crazy but yes, I went to 4 different doctors for Adrian. Paranoia much? hahaha yes Adrian, thats how much mummy was scared that you are not doing well inside. I went to 4 different hospital with 4 different doctors and all of them are famous doctors that me and hubs had to queue for hours. Me being a typical mom, i wanted the best for my baby, so i don't mind paying extra and those long queue.

The FOUR hospitals are;

1) SJMC - Dato' Dr Siti

 She's really famous. I mean like REALLY famous and good too. If you want your baby to be delivered by her, make sure you are willing to come as early as 7 am to queue. Clinics opens at 7.30am for you to take your number. Then you have to come again at 8.30 am to register and her clinic opens at 9 am and sometimes she comes in at 9.30 am. If you are lucky you'll be her first 10 patients, that wouldn't be that long of a wait though. If you are not lucky, you'll get number like 32 or so, please get ready to wait from 7 am till 3pm. Yes, that's how crazy her queue is.

But, she quite a good doctor, very positive and she doesn't scare you for unnecessary stuff. Some doctors are able to talk you through c-section just cause they wanna make money. So, careful!

2) DEMC - Dr Maziah

I was browsing the net, comparing the price to give birth, of cos i'll opt for the good place, good doctor and good price. I found out that, DEMC is only charging RM 2,200.00 for normal delivery and it includes charges for babies as well. I was overwhelmed with the price, that i straight away made an appointment with them. I wanted to see Dr Norleen but was fully booked. I had no other choice but to choose the 2nd best doctor over there, Dr Maziah, she's an expert in problematic pregnancies, so I thought its a good things since I've had early contraction before this, when i was in my 6th month.

The nurse called us in her room, she scanned me and her equipments are way better than Dato Siti. All very hi-tech. After the scan, she asked what kind of delivery i wanted, normal or c-section. I told her that I want a normal birth, she nodded. Then, she proceeded saying that she have to induce me the next week, and my baby was having not enough oxygen and my placenta is maturing too fast.

Hubby and me was really shocked because all this while we have been checking up with Dato Siti and she never mention all this. Then i asked her, is it possible for you to induce me at this stage, and she said it would be risky if want to have normal delivery, but we'll try, if you cant then we'll have to proceed with c- section. This means that I will end up paying for normal delivery charges and all c-section charges. I almost said yes to her because I was really scared that Adrian is not safe inside. Before i could answer to her, she told me that she'll send me for CTG test, to check, and she'll SEE us again after the CTG.

I went it to the CTG room, they plugged in all the necessary on my tummy and i have to wait for 15 minutes or so. Bear in mind, i have been doing CTGs like forever since my pregnancy was prone to a pre-mature birth, so they need to monitor me.Every visits in SJMC i have to do CTGs.

After waiting for 5 minutes, I noticed that i can't hear Adrian's heartbeats, this means its not located properly on my stomach, called hubby to inform them. The nurse came and she just change my position and she said,' ok wait 5 more minutes'. That means the CTG was only done for 5 minutes, what can you prove with a CTG of 5 minutes?

When i was done with the CTG, she brought that results to the Dr and here we thought that we have to go and see her again, as she will explain to us, because that what Dato Siti did. Suddenly, the nurse came back saying, ' Doctor suruh balik, semua ok'. I was like what the fuck?! you told me that i need to get induce tomorrow and now you say that i can go home, everything's fine. Hubby was really pissed with that.

Oh yes, and its not cheap, we had to pay RM 320.00 before leaving. Damn it!

3) Ipoh Specialist Centre - Dr Adlan/ Dr Nagara

That week I was back in Ipoh. Everything was just normal, my next checkup was in 2 weeks times with Dato Siti. I thought everything was fine. Slept off quite early as i was really tired. Suddenly that night at about 5.30 am i had this serious cramping pain at my lower abdomen and i thought it was stomachache. Called hubby up and he was sleepy and groggy, told him to give me hot water bag so that i can put on my stomach, he went back to sleep, and here i am fighting with the pain.

At 7 am called my sister and told her about it, she said that its contraction, so she told us to get to the hospital, as soon as possible. We are in Ipoh and who else do we go to if its not Dr Adlan or Dr Nagara. At about 9 am, we registered and opt for Dr Adlan.

Told him about what i experienced and he did the cervix checks. He says cervix are close, the he opens a medication book infront of me, to prescribed a medication for me. At that point I was like, what the hell? He used to be one of the good doctors in Ipoh. He diagnosed me with colic, jab me with painkillers for abdomen pain and sent me off for CTG. this was funny because, of cos you wont she any contraction, i was already jab with the painkillers. And yeah then, Adlan said that he has an operation, so once i'm done with CTG please bring it to Nagara for review.

Met Nagara, the doctor who delivered me :) He was all nice and said the CTG was fine and told me to have a proper check up with my gynae in KL.

Off we went to KL that day, to see Dato Siti, and yes i really had contraction and its not COLIC!

4) Damansara Specialist Centre - Dr Susanna Huam

You've read regarding my experience in DEMC, right after the doctor shoo us away, we then went to Damansara Specialist, this is because i wanted second opinion and yes, i was worried at that time. SJMC will take forever to meet Dato Siti since it was already 2 pm at that time and her queue is really ridiculous.

I already have MRN no here since I came for checkups here before my pregnancy. Susanna did a check on me, scan and all, she then explained that, my placenta is fine. It is supposed to mature when I'm in my third trimester, but it is not as bad as doing a c-section. She told me to relax and come again in 2 weeks time to see how it goes and to check my amniotic fluid. Yeap, I've had contractions, and my amniotic fluid dries up fast. Pity mummy's boy inside!

Thats how we choose our Hospital, Damansara Specialist Hospital, the baby friendly hospital!


  1. Hi, I planning to having my checkup in Damansara Specialist Hospital with Doctor Susanna. Since you have met her before, can you tell me more about her professional? Does she professional?

  2. Hi canny! she's good. but she doesnt explain much unless u ask her questions. so make sure you do. good luck!

  3. Hello. I know this is old review but i just got pregnant and stumble across this blog. Planning to go kpj also. How much does it cost for give birth via natural at kpj? Dr susanna is she good? Do i have to call her before meeting her?