Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let me tell you why

If you really desperately eagerly want to know, why i do not announce my pregnancy to the world. Read this.

I was pregnant, and yes, me, my husband, my family and his family are all over the moon. We are glad that God gave us him to add colours to our lifes. But as I've spoken to my friend, Aini, whats with announcement? What do you get?

You get people congratulating you for your pregnancy, telling you what you should do and should not do. Thats good. But remember, there's people out there that is not a friend but pretended to be. I'm not being bitter but sometimes I have to be since I've gone through it with many friendship that i in the end decided to end it.

They do not pray for your happiness, to them you are better of sad and unhappy with your life. Not everyone there prays for your happiness some pray for the other. I've seen people so excited on the arrival of the baby and in the end, they lost it. Yes, it is sad, i was saddened when i hear the news as well.

Its my life, I have the rights of letting who and who know. If you are close enough, you'll know. If you dont know, too bad. And plus i dont take facebook seriously anymore. So be it.