Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Labor Pain

My delivery was way behind my due date. This is because my amniotic fluid was drying off so fast, that my baby cant stay any longer inside cause it will not receive enough nutrition. Therefore, Dr Susanna had to induce me at midnight.

I practically surrender myself to the hospital. Haha. I was warded and the nurse came to check my cervix and the opening is still 1 cm from last week, so she told me that she will put in a tablet in my vagina to stimulate the opening of the cervix.

After an hour, i started to feel light cramp getting serious every 30 minutes. Sleep through the night till its 6 am. Hubby was with me the whole time. Blessed :) at about 7 am they brought me to the labor room. Yes, lucky enough that hubby is willing to pay for the private labor room. hehehe yes yes single bedded room and private labor room just so that i wont feel stressed or annoyed but any other woman in the room. LOL

They took me to the labor room which is like 3 metre away from my room. Changed me into the hospital gown/robe. They put some IV in me. That IV turn to be a medication to get my cervix to contract more because after they put in tablet yesterday, the cervix opening is still 1 cm. After about 20-30 minutes i started to feel what they call CONTRACTION. No joke, i think u have serious period cramps? times that with 100000000000x

At this time, all of the family member was there. Instead of lying on the bed like a paralyzed woman, i told the nurse, i wanted to walk, so they put in another robe from behind so wouldn't look so obscene for me to walk and my butt is showing, right? Walking totally work to ease the pain! At some point I'll bend down a little bit and i get hubby to press on my lower back. (HELPS A LOTTTT)

After walking for I think, 30-40 mins, i was hungry. hahaha i shouln't be thinking about food at this time, right? but yeah i was HUNGRY ok! Food came in at 8.30 am. At that time, my contraction was getting worst every 1 minutes. Note: it was 8.30 am with contraction every fucking 1 minute.

Before eating, nurse told me that, i have to wait for doctor to come in to break my water bag so that i'll deliver faster. I was like yeah,yeah shut up! As i was eating, suddenly i felt water dripping between my legs, jeng,jeng,jeng ... my waterbag broke by itself  =)

Hubs called the nurse and she was all like oohhh very good, no need doctor. You'll deliver soon. This was at 9 am. so i thought by 10 or 11am i should have Adrian in my arms already. Less did i know that my bloody cervix refuse to open up. At by now my contraction is every 45 sec.

The nurses then got me to lie down on the bed and strapped me to the CTG machine, Fuck this bloody annoying, as you cant move, your uterus is feels like someone is squeezing it so hard every 45secs. At that moment you just want to scream and yell at anybody that comes your way. They strapped me to the CTG cos my contraction was really bad and they want to monitor Adrian's heart rate to make sure that he is doing ok inside.

Doctor came in at 10 something to do check, she gave me Penthedine to ease my pain, at this point i'm already hooking myself with the laughing gas. LOL which hubby insisted that he wants to try but i was stingy to keep it to myself. hahaha.

Took the first jab of penthedine, awesome :) this thing helped me to relax a bit, took away that nasty pain away. after 2 hours or so, the effect started to go off and God, did i mention it dropped down to 30sec per contraction, still my cervix is only 6cm dilated.

around 12pm i requested for penthedine again and they were like, i can't give it to you unless with the consent of the doctor. i yelled at her and said, GET THE DOCTOR HERE!  5 minutes or so, she came in and say, she cant give me the jab cause i just took it, they have to normally wait for 6 hours for the next jab, hell did i care, i requested for it and she said ok! yeay! here i thought the effect will be the same as the first one.

I was wrong, the contraction was too strong, i can't feel the effect anymore. I was breathing on the laughing gas non-stop. At 3 pm, the nurse, Irene, came to check my cervix and she says its only 8cm . I am practically dying already at this time, Energy-less. I couldn't bear the pain anymore, hubby was rubbing my lower back non stop, but couldn't feel his pressure anymore. Pity him, scolded and yelled at him. Sorry baby!

When the nurse told me that its 8 cm, i was very stressed already, i then i inquired on the epidural, bear in mind, i was not keen of epidural. i didn't want to take epi. Told hubs to not let me take it. But towards the end i couldn't help it. Suddenly, she said let me help you to open up the cervix, because i was already stressed up and baby's heart rate suddenly dropped. I panicked. The nurse said, dont worry your baby will be out 3.30pm. Again, i ignored what she said.

I then said, i wanted to get up, i want to go to  the toilet to pee, she said never mind i put in the tube, you pee on the bed, i refused. I insisted on going to the toilet, just cause i was ashamed of her. hahaha Then she said, you pee now then only your cervix can open up. I surrender, i let her put in the tube for me. i peed. Felt so much better. but the contraction was still there. haunting me every 30 secs. Then i feel like shitting, and i told her that i want to go to the toilet jugak cos i want to shit.She told me to shit on the bed. As i was quarreling with her, suddenly, the nurse yelled and paged the doctor, saying patient stressed, baby's heart rate dropped, call doctor! URGENT!! 

5minutes later, i was already pushing my baby out. True enough he was born at 3.30pm. The nurse was right :) Adrian was born normally without epidural without vacuum without forceps. He popped out from my vagina healthily at 3.30pm in Damansara Specialist Centre!

Thank you darling hubby for all the effort, love and care you have given me. Thank you for being a great helpful husband to me and an awesome dad to Adrian Raphael. We love you, Daddy!

and.... Mommy and daddy surely love you the most Adrian!

Up next: total investment for having a baby.

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