Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smell me.

If you noticed, I have not bought any of my hantarans yet because I was waiting for this big sales that is happening in June. I blogged about the Mega Sale here. ( When to shop for hantarans)

But anyhow, yesterday night after bringing my babyarief to the clinic. Well, he suffered from sinusitis. Poor little baby. Can't even drive or see the lights. Doctor said, he'll tackle the flu and fever first and see whats the results. To take extra pre-caution, we decided to head to Tesco Mutiara Damansara to have his eye checked. To our surprised, the power did increase from 6.50 to 7.75. Thats a hike there right? But the optometrist said the machine is only 70% accurate. So we ditched the place. Haha plus he was not in the mood of selling his spectacles. He's busy cleaning up the spectales rather than entertain us. So, bye bye Focus Point. I'll go somewhere else.

Head to The Curve just to past our time, since babyarief has to meet his friend later. Walk through the concourse and I saw Bvlgari having some promotion. I was eyeing on the free gift bag from Bvlgari not the perfume actually, The bag caught my eye. HAHA. The part-timers was convincing to get one, and i was like ' Eww tak nak, tak sedapp!", then i said, ' I nak perfume yang lagi satu tu, tapi i nak free gift yang ni.' But sadly its a Principal pack where i have to purchase Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine. Which is not babyarief's type of smell ( this perfume is fro man only). We walk away like we always did. haha.

Seriously, I am very particular when it comes to perfumes. I can smell for over hundred time and yet end up not buying anything. My perfume all this while has been Salvatore Ferragamo, Estee Lauder and my favourite Gucci Flora and Guilty.

I was thinking of getting Gucci again for my hantaran but then again it'll be boring for me because I had Gucci Guilty for my Birthday last year from babyarief. Boring aint it to have the same perfume again. Went for a few rounds and we end up in Metrojaya perfume department again.

This time we meet, Arca the very convincing sales person. She's the leader of the two part-timers we met earlier. Make a deal with her that if we buy two perfumes from her she's gonna give the Bvlgari tote bag when there's an extra set of it. Yeay! She took down my phone number and I'm gonna go there every week to check on the bag. LOL. I'll post the pic for you all to see :)

Aaannnddd we end up buying Bvlgari Man 100 ml comes with shampoo and a toilletries bag for baby arief and i get myself Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade 65 ml with clutch bag.

Bvlgari Man 100 ml

Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade 65 ml

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine with travel bag
Take note: When you shop for perfume make sure you ask them for coffee beans to clear your senses. After smelling so many perfume you cant differentiate the difference anymore so use the coffee beans.

Dont follow what the salesperson says. They might not be always right, you know yourself better, you know what kind of smell you like.

For me, like something sweet and sexy ;)  The smell of attraction!

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