Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fuck me and Marry me young

Pic from Tumblr

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control. 
Though when i was making the decision to take the friendship to a serious level, i had my doubts againts you. But when you took the guitar and played this song.

It went straight to my heart and you touched my soul. At that moment, you have taken my heart with you. Along the first few months, when we had to go on as a couple discreetly, my heart breaks. I want the world to know about you, because you are the most precious thing God has given me.
We had our ups and downs, you are still there, you keep your faith strong, you foughts againts all the consequences that came with this relationship.
We made it through, Baby.

I lost few friendship to be with you, but never once i regretted all that. To me, you are the friend, the bestfriend, the brother, the lover, and the soulmate. You came in a package. I believe, God has granted my wish. 
"Dear God, I have gone through so much in life. At least give me a person that is able to make me happy and will never hurt me"

That was my wish, and i met you. I became your friend. and falling in love with you was beyond my control.

I guess, 


My Lover, My Baby, My Heartbeat,

Marry me and take me away from this cruel life of mine.


  1. bby u are my precious, ur inncent cute smile when ur sleeping just engrave in my heart the word love that i have for the one and only you babay. thank you for the love hope certainly that our love will accumulate throughout our future years. i thank god that we fall in love cause being in love with you is the precious treasure that i been looking in this life. love u babsy babs. god is great and i thank you for giving me the chance to love wonderful person such as you.amin

  2. I certainly am Loving you more and more baby. Each and every second with you :)

    God is great! AMEN!

  3. auww! This 2 human being so romantika with each other. Hope God bless ur relationship, my 2 dear friends and get rid off the painful from your life. Amen