Monday, March 21, 2011

Karma is never nice.

Just caused you are elder than me and I'm so called the youngest, I can be told that I'm being emotional. But when it comes to you being emotional, you dont fucking realize that. How is that fair?

you preach about you are not affected by anyone or anything. you are very logical. I guess you are not. You throw tantrums too. We all have emotions! There's no difference between me or you. You judged me, and i let that be. Because I thought and I assume, you were the only one i can count on after my mother.

I was wrong. You were just the same. You dont bother what happened to me. You dont care. You deceived me in believing you are one. You dissapoint me. For all these time, all of you have been saying that I am a dissapointment, well i guess this time, screw you. You are a MAJOR dissapointment because you told everyone you were so much better than anyone out there.

Hello darling, strangers out there is definitely more sincere than you are. Whatever happened during my engagement is not something i can forget. You guys failed to make me a happy little girl.

I'm not coming back. November 11,2011 will be last event with all of you. You all broke my heart. I still cry till today. For everything that happened, i wish that doesn't happened to your kids. If you are lucky, you'll be alive and witness all of your kids getting engaged and happily married. But if dont have the chance, I pray to God that they will NEVER experience what i did.

Karma is a bitch. Haven't you guys heard of that? I bet you have a taste of it already but you take for granted. But its ok. One day, when its slap itself right on the face, you'll be sorry about it. I know now you dont, because you are too proud of yourself.

November 11, 2011 will mark the date where I shall cut every ties. That I promise you.


  1. Mimi!! I feel you. It must be hurt but whatever it is Mimi, I salute you. U just let it go. Bagus gila ok. I love u datin

  2. i love you more puan seri ;) xx