Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rainy Wednesday

Hello you. Sorry for being on hiatus. I wasnt really THAT busy but i wasnt in the mood write. I swear I was at this page yesterday. Every letter typed out was back spaced again and again and again. Guess i wasn't in the after all.

Its a rainy gloomy wednesday today. * wow that rhymes haha* so i decided to write something mellow. haha. you probably think, when is it that im not mellow in my blog post. WELL, today I'm gonna be extra mellow. hehe.

Nothing was ever perfect in my life. No, seriously. NOTHING. You might see that I'm happy, I smile, my status is all lovey dovey. Well, yes i am happy NOW. because I'M IN LOVE. Haven't you notice that? My status was all about him when I'm happy. Except certain statuses where we're not in good terms. but hey, couple fights ok. thats fucking normal. Anyhow, sometimes i find we are weird. We dont fight nowadays. Is that normal? i hope so :) *pray hard to God*

So, Arief Farhan, just in case you're reading this. * i know you dont read my blog haha*

this is for you.

Every night when our fingers intertwine before we sleep, I felt security. There was a sense of belonging in between. The warmth of your body tuck me in a deep sleep everyday. There is not a day that i fall asleep not praying for you to live longer than me. This is selfish. but if I were to live longer than you, I don't think I'll survive this nasty life. Apart from God, you are my motivation. 
People around us can say whatever they want but I believe I know you more than them. They can assume that they know everything. and I'm on a challenge to change that :)
i know you can do better. you just gotta believe in yourself.

and I, dedicate this song to you, my love. Because i know you are worth it ;)

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