Friday, March 25, 2011

Coffee and Love are best when they are hot

Do you get married to someone because you like the status of being 'married'? or because you think its cool because you eliminate the religion barrier between you both? or maybe you get married because you feel its a trend?

Ask yourself.

if you were to answer any of the above, my advice, forget it and live your life to the fullest before you embark this journey of marriage. Marriage was never easy, never is. The marriage of  the elderly that we benchmark ourselves to, might be a whole drama. No parents will ever tell their kids about the problem they having between them. They protect it so bad like they protected us. Why? because no parents wanna see their kids sob over their failed marriage. Some pretend for years, some when for counselling and some bail on each other and file a divorce. Love is only beautiful when its hot and boiling. You BBM even when he's just next to you, tweet with him even when he's just in the next room, beautiful aint it? Romantic so it seems.

But have you ever imagined when you gotta live with this man who farts around the house,who pick his nose infront of the tv, who never put the toilet seats up for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Everyday of your life. Its all about him and IF you are lucky, he'll be all about you. By knowing men, do you think its all about you after he has gotten you as his wifey? But if you are LUCKY for the second time, he'll appreciate you, I'm sure.

When the issue of ' I'm too young to get married' came up. I tell myself, well, I have witnessed 4 marriages infront of me. They have their good times and they have their worst. Its how you nuture the roots. If from the beginning you are not putting your 100% effort in it, no marriage can ever survive.

I believe we gotta be mentally strong to embark on this new journey called, " BEING A WIFE". You gotta know who your husband is. You gotta make sure that YOU, yourself is ready. It will all come back to you. THINK WISELY. Don't ever regret it one day and say, ' I WISH I DIDNT MARRY YOU'.

Its your choice, darlings. Pick what you want. Nobody is ever gonna force you to get married. Its your call. You believe that the marriage you are building is pure and the love you are having with him is not some puppy love. Then go ahead with it. BUT if ever you felt uneasy about it. LET IT GO.

You dont wanna be a widow at the age of 23, arent you?

I was once in doubt about my marriage too. I questioned myself more than a million times. Again and again and again. Is this the right choice. Everyone will go throught this part of life. Its normal. When it happened dont freak out and because you will scare the groom-to-be away haha. Take a deep breath and think rationally.

I'm talking by experience, God i freaked out i went berserk. HAHA. You gotta chill, young lady. No conclusion can be made when you are filled with emotions. At this moment, all your maturity will shows. But its not, then you are better being single or in a relationship!

How bout you? I'm sure you have thought about it a million times just like me :)

May God bless our marriage in the future than. Amen!

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