Friday, March 25, 2011

Save Mother Earth

I was shocked to hear about Myanmar earthquakes yesterday night. It has destruct Myanmar with 7.0 on the richter scale. Having Thailand and Laos to get affected.

Japan haven't even recover yet and now another massive earthquake. What is happening to the world? Is it coming to an end?

We are all helpless when the mother nature roared with the Tsunami. Is it a signthat we should repent?

I reckon we should do something in showing our effort in helping the mother earth. Its EARTH DAY tomorrow.26th March 2011 @ 8.30 pm. We shall all unite and keep the lights off for one hour in order help the mother nature who has been very angry lately.

Show you support by putting this banner in your blog or website. Get it here.

Tell your friends via social media, blogs or website. The reason why people don't do it is because we forget. So darlings, do your job as a human being on earth. Spread the word!

I shall blog about my Earth Hour day next week :)

Its candle time!

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