Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekends of CNY @ Ipoh

My CNY celebration was spent in IPOH. City of the laidback :) Headed back to ipoh on the morning of 3rd February.

I was imagining that my holidays will be me curling in my blanket for the 4days of hols. but instead I was out till 6.30 am. EVERYDAY! kid you not!

Here, a few pictures to share :)

Met up with 2 of highschool mates. Both are gonna be doctors soon :) its 5 years ago that last met.

and we decided to climb Bukit Kledang on 2nd day of CNY.

accompanying the boys for snooker at 6 in the morning

Coffee bean for dinner with yaya love!

met up with Bobo :)

yaya and wa

Jep, Baby and Syed @ Barbeza

Us :)

Us again!

Baby and Syed

Yaya and Syed

Ever so adorable yaya and bobo

Enjoyed my holiday with her :)

Yaya and Aiman.

Bobo and Me.

Its back to work y'all. No more waking up at lunch. Suck! I want my bed in Ipoh. its so comfortable that i dont suffer my backache when im back there. sad.

To end my post, here's a picture of my Valentine. Love him to bits.


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  1. Woot! Woot! Dah tunang dah pun bila I baca post ni. Hehheheh! Gila lama I tak jenguk belog orang lain ni tengok2 belog u banyak gila dah update.. Welcome to blog world. Blog memang best gila ok!