Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have died and gone to Heaven :)

relationship and friendship. both is vital to life. u need either one to survive this horrible life.

i wanna thank my baby for all the things he have done. Thank you for just being there and sometimes you u dont even say a word when im sad, because u understand. you know what i want. you witness every tears, every laugh, every smile that i let out. and im happy that i can share all that with a person as incredible as you. you were there, eventhough when i have my ridiculous mood swings. you stayed and you didnt bail on me. among everybody i have met. you stayed the longest in terms of patience. THANK YOU, BABY ARIEF :)

so, i have a beautiful relationship. what more can i ask for? friendship of course. well i have friends, but my friends are not the one that would take a bullet for me. its more like, hey we're friends WITH benefit. to me, why be friends, when you wanna be jealous of me, you were never happy of what i have. thats not friend. i rather not have you at all. seriously. im looking for a sincere friendship, if there is ever a sec that you feel like you hate me, go away. dont be my friend. i dont wanna get hurt anymore.

but for now, im content with the amount of friends i have. i dont have a whole bus. but i have a few 'take a bullet for you' friend :)

I'm happy with my life. I have Arief, i have my girlfriends. Im complete :)

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  1. Yeah! Dats the spirit girl!!! U dun need a bunch of friends, u just need a QUALITY friends. NOT QUANTITY. Kan?

    U & Ariff? Both of u are meant together forever and ever..