Thursday, February 10, 2011

God is always there :)

Not many people know how stressed i was for the past week. Doing all the preparation for my E-day. From getting the food, to the setting up, to the dresses, to the doorgifts, to the hantarans. Life can be really challenging when you gotta deal with it all alone. And when family back out on you at the very last minute.

sometimes we all wanna cry and scream and yell at the same time. Well, i did that. Still, my worries are still there. Will it work out. Will it be just like how i wanted it to be? And Right to the very end, i dont fucking have a photographer. -_-

Like seriously, i DONT have a photographer for my engagement. And everybody has been saying, its once in the lifetime event, you gotta have it the way u want it. and nobody is there to take my pictures of the happy day. So, i sat down and think. Nobody is gonna pity me. i got to pity myself. So i should do all it takes to make my E-day a memorable one. Yes, i'm mad with their selfish-ness but who am i to ask them to help? Im only a sister. who bothers? Mak will bother but she's not here. I gotta bother my own shit then. Sad? yeah, but whatever. i'll get it done :)

so, me being all tech savvy. i googled for my last minute photographer that was like 3 days away from my E-day. Guess what i typed? LOL you wont believed me. i typed ' photographer murah RM 500 bertunang'.

I wasnt being a cheap stake but i do have some financial issues and the family are a bit meticulous. Its all up to me then to fork out the money. Well, they are paying for the food and pelamin and all. but other petty little stuff are left to me to go figure. Anyways, back to my googling, as i hit the Enter button, BOOM! i found it. you know what i got? I got this for RM 600! believe it or not? heee :)

- 2 JURUGAMBAR + 1 EXTRA PHOTOGRAPHER ( she said she'll add one more for me! yeay! lucky me!)

i know. i know this is a super good deal right? Hell yeah, it is. They take really good pictures and the lady, Kak Leeza is soo friendly. Felt comfortable the moment i met her. Go check it out Grasshopper Photography.

Whats pending now?

1. My heels
2. Baby's baju melayu
3. Door gifts 

Thats all i guess for now. 

Seriously, I went and see Kak Leeza and when i saw her artwork. I was thankful to God, he saved my ass this time. It was beautiful and up to my budget. and her art work is up to my taste. LOVE LOVE her! 

Thank you God. Thank you for being there where everyone else bail on me. Alhamdullilah :)

God is always there for everyone.Miracle do happened.