Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When to shop for Hantaran?

I was on YM with my beloved YM partner, Ainee Joe today. I asked her when is she coming to KL and she said when there is sales. and she asked me when is that. i confidently said MARCH! haha MALU!

no its not march, peeps!

Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival 2011 will be held on 15th June 2011 to 31st August 2011. So, darlings, save up! Spend your heart out ;)

I'm gonna save for my hantarans :)

list of item in my wishlist for hantarans for Arief ( i have a wishlist for him, can u believe that? HAHA)

  1. Mossimo Dutti shirts, pants
  2. Perfume( eau de parfum ok! no toilet!)
  3. DSLR camera
  4. PS 3
Ok thats all i can think of since Mr Fiance is bugging my life to drag me to the gym. Doesnt he knows that i get so much weaker everything i step foot in the gym? grrr!

bye babies! mwahh!


  1. Can u please not to remind me of this convesation. LAWAK SANGAT OK! Apek pun gelak. Hihihihihi!!!

    Yeah,save the money ok tapi hello babe, barang2 yang u list out ni macam takde diskaun je. Beli je ahh skang.. Btw I dah beli perfume, dompet & tali pinggang for Apek. Then Apek pun dah beli perfume for me.. Weyh! Dah beli cincin??

  2. Not yet. kene ke beli awal2? hahaha