Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You gotta wake up, darling

So, Hi, I'm back :) Sorry for the looooong hiatus. i wasn't in the mood of writing nor expressing myself. i was having a good time curling in the comfort of my own duvet.

let me just summarized it by listing down on the things that happened during my hiatus.

1. got into a major fight with Arief
3. got MARRIED
4. RESIGN from my current work
5. had a fight with almost everybody in the family ( dont ask im on this roadtrip to earth alone actually since born ;)
6. deferred my studies.

LOL seriously i was just joking at point no. 7. Practically i just stop my life, i just wanted to unwind and relax, i cant take this hustle and bustle of KL city life anymore. Sick of it, tired of it. People wont understand. Nobody will.

i lied. there's more to that list, but i'll skip :)

Sometimes i think i dont have all the guts to do all of the above, because i was so scared of what people would say and think. but seriously now, to hell with it.

P/S: yeah I'm a married woman now :) Call me Mrs. Mimi.


  1. Mrs Ariff lah mimi. Wahh akhirnya u open ur blog balik. Welcome back bebeh!

    Enjoy ur life okay. Dun think about others. =D