Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blood is thicker than water

I still remember what my mother used to tell me when she's alive, ' Blood is always thicker than water'. We used to ask her, 'Mak, awat mak selalu baik sgt dengan mak su and mama tu even went they treat you like doormat?' and her answer would be, ' air kalau dicincang takkan putus, sama la macam darah'

oh yes, my mother and her perumpamaan. haha. we will always criticize her, 'Mak ni tak habih2 dengan peribahasa' haha. I miss those times when I always fight with her. Everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.

but i believe, my mother has taught me everything about life before she passed away. She taught us how to live this life eventhough we didnt realize it. Like i said, my sisters was being a pain to me during my engagement day and they still havent talk to me. and knowing my family its always the little ones has to initiate conversation with the elder ones or to be more precise say sorry to the elder ones even if its not your fault.

its just how MY family works. Funny eh? But i have been living with them for 23 years now, i know what type of person they are. and now, my elder sister came to me asking for advise about her marriage. weird huh? a 38 years old asking an advice from a 23 years old sister. :) see, like mak says, ' air kalau dicincang takkan putus'

you can curse me, call me names, ignore me but in the end, the ones you betrayed are the ones that stayed on with you through the tough times. Family always does. Friends may not be there, but family will always stand strong by your side.

i guess my sister has learnt her lesson :)

but i pity her though. having a husband that doesnt appreciate all the things that she has been doing for him. She has dedicated her whole life for him and yet now everything went down the drain. just in a split second because of jealousy. How sad. 10 years of relationship and marriage.

May god bless you and show you the correct way to deal with this misery.

Just to let you know, the family is always there :) Stay strong!


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