Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello Blogspot!

I'm sorry blogspot. For past years i have been falling in love with the tumblr and i decided to ditch you. But hey, I'm back now :)

I cant find time to write now, i'm swamped with work and yes, i'm getting MARRIED this year. hence, explains why i dont even have time for myself.

Preparing for marriage is hell yeah tiring. all you need is the support from family members and your beau. I'm glad that Arief has been such an angel to me. He's really patience in dealing with my short temper attitude. Kudos to him.

For now, I'm still planning on my engagement ceremony that will be on 12 February 2011. Its like few weeks away and im not prepared at all. Kill me!

i gotta go, darlings. will do the rantings later.



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