Sunday, February 24, 2013

whats on my mind?

february is gonna end soon. how time flies. sigh.

so, i tried new exercise this week.pilates. and oh my god, it really works on my core. love it. ahh and i so need to practice more on my ball stability. i suck :( hubs has better core muscles than me. its depressing.

been slacking on my diet though. feels like killing myself for having those cravings. fuck the hormone pills.

adrian on the other hand has done so many milestones and hell yeah im so effin proud of him. but i gotta need more patience in dealing with his distress tantrums. which i reckon im getting better at it. yeah im hormonal and short tempered.

and he is still co-sleeping w me. pushed me around every night. but mommy still loves u to bits, adrian. i'll move u to ur toddler bed when u're ready, ya?

talking about him, the boy just woke up for his midnight feeding. gosh yes, up untill today we still havent got a full night slumber. there's maybe 1/10 nights that he slept through the night. pity my husband though, cos it his task to make the milk at night. argh thats why he's my man :) im just so blessed to have sucha helpful husband.

ok mommy's sleepy. till we meet again bloggie. xx

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